The Standards-Based World Languages Classroom: Cutting Edge!

Here you will find information, links, and ideas to create or enhance your Standards-Based World Languages Classroom. Remember, creating a Standards-Based Classroom is a journey not a destination. Good luck!

David Burrous
World Languages Educational Consultant
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More Documents for W.L. Methodology Class Continued


Latin Resources

Latin Video Clips

Collaborative Strategic Reading

Latin Blogs
Interesting Documents

Communication Standard Power Point Presentation
  1. Introduction
  2. Keys to Assessment
  3. Assessing Proficiency
  4. Backward Design
  5. 21st Century Skills Map
  6. Grammar & Pronunciation
  7. 3 Modes of Communication and IPA
  8. 7 Steps to Designing an IPA
  9. Rubrics
World Languages Organizations
  1. Seven Steps for Designing Performance Assessment Tasks
  2. Seven Steps Graphic Organizer
  3. CDE: World Language Resource Bank Assessments

Cultural Resources

Internet Resources
  1. To download Youtube videos as MP4 files
  2. To change Youtube videos into just MP3 sound files:
  3. Joanne Pasqua's Page
  4. Yo Azama Teacher of the Year
  5. Toni Theisen's Page
  6. Toni Theisen's Technology Page
  7. Toni Theisen's Teacher of Year Presentation
  8. CU's Modified Foreign Language Program
  9. Fairfax County PALS Assessment
  10. Kentucky World Language Association (KWLA)
  11. Poll Everywhere
  12. Wordle
  13. Pimsleur
  14. Sabrage
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Casablanca Video Clip
Sabrage - How to open a champagne bottle with a saber.

You gotta learn to Communicate!

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